Internal Martial Art

It is commonly understood that the stronger beats the weaker, the younger beats the elder, the faster beats the slower. An external martial practisioner is trained to be strong, fast but he could not be trained young. His body is wearing out, he is becoming older. In fighting, he is nevous, his muscle is tense, blood blocked. He hurts others and is hurt even he wins. On the contrary, in internal martial art, a weaker beats the stronger, the elder beats the younger, and the slower beats the faster. How is it possible? The first assumption of a internal martial artist is that he is weak but not weak enough. The reason is simple, one can break a brick, can he break the air, the water? Even though water and air are weak, a hurricane and a flood can destroy the strongest things in the world. The weak is acturally the strong, the slow is the fast. This is the principle of Dao. It works. By practising Taichi, you become weaker and stronger, slower and faster, and older and younger.