The Traditional Taichi and an Indoor Student

Before 1949 the communist takeover, all Taichi regardless the styles, Yang, Chen, Wu, Sun, are traditional. Traditionally one has to become an indoor student in order to be taught the secrete of the Taichi. An indoor student builds a close relationship with a teacher or Sifu who serves as both a teacher and an elder, a sort of god father with the obligation to transmit the art. The communist party thinking that Taichi was good for people's health(I guess that Mao Zedong's wife Jiang Qing made a great contribution), that they were much clever than any traditional culture, found someone they could found to shorten and modified the more than one hundred posture Yang style Taichi to a 24 posture simplified Taichi and made almost everyone in China know some Taichi. They also created a 48 posture competition form. These days, most chinese do not think that Taichi is a martial art, a live Dao. Some spend a lot of time and money, and benefit a very little from Taichi. Fortunately the communist did not forbid the traditional Taichi transmitted through a very small group of people who belive in tradition.